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FAQ for participants

  • What is the main language spoken at the retreat?
    The language is set by retreat leaders and will be specified for each retreat in the calendar section. Our guests come from all over the World and our most common languages are English, French & Spanish.
  • Can I stay an extra night at the beginning or the end of the retreat?
    Yes, anyone can stay at the villa one day before and/or after the retreat for 75€/night. This extra includes all three meals.
  • Is a good level of yoga required to participate?
    The level of each retreat will be specified by its leader, but in general, mosts of our guests are beginner or intermediate level. Yoga sessions will be adapted to all levels.
  • What if I am gluten intolerant?
    We definitely can prepare gluten-free options or adapt the menu to any other food intolerance.
  • Is it okay to come by myself?
    Don't worry! Almost everybody comes on their own and ends up leaving with great friends from the retreat.
  • Are guys welcome?
    Yes, the retreats are for everyone. The majority of the retreats are filled up mostly with women, but there's always one or two men in the group.
  • What is not included in the price?
    Your flight and travel insurance are not included.
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